Amberly Russell Photography

Growing up in the social media generation, everyone is expected to have an online presence. In terms of my social media character, the world has come to know me as ’emmofe.’ The name started simply as an online username for social platforms, and has since become my newly found nickname on the streets. Well, how did I get such a name? What exactly is ’emmofe?’ Well, it’s simple, when using the first two letters of my first, middle, and last name, ’emmofe’ is the ending product. I thank my older sister, Miranda, for her creativity in coming up with the name.

I currently reside in that one weird city people seem to be raving about, called Austin, TX. I’m another one of those “hipsters” or “life enthusiasts” that like to wander around the city in search of all the cool shit that it has to offer. With all the time I’ve spent in Austin, I’ve found there are three things people cannot shut up about; food, music, and fashion. So, that’s exactly what I’m here to talk to you about. However; this time it’s not all about Austin. It’s time they share the spotlight with the new ‘hip’ city on the rise, San Marcos, TX.

Being a student at the local university, Texas State, I’m here to showcase all the wonderful things people love about Austin that they can also enjoy in surrounding cities. Together we’ll explore food, music, and fashion in and around the beautiful city of San Marcos, TX.

Socials: @emmofe